Selasa, 13 Juli 2010

32 Hours Long Journey Around The World.

I never imagined before will experience incredible things in my life. And you know what is that?! Yes, one of the most wanted people in this world is tarvel around the world.

I was chosen to represent Indonesia in the course Study Program of the United States Institutes (SUSI) for student leaders on New Media, I Came from Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia's fourth-largest city. In this program Indonesia sends six representatives including myself, they are among the Anga Dwi Marta from the city of Padang, Achie Martasasmita from Bandung city, Tamar Deisha manahutu from the capital of Indonesia Jakarta, and Muhammad Kiki Wardana from Medan City.

I departed from Surabaya to Makassar, now and then I will come to Singapore, Hong Kong, then on to Chicago and St. Louis, my journey is somewhat different with other friends because I come from the most eastern part of Indonesia region, while my friend other they all met in Jakarta.

Friday, June 26, from Makassar my plane flew at 9:00 AM, then I flew from Surabaya at 6:00 PM, the lag time is quite long, but it is profitable for me because I really have to stop at the U.S. Embassy surabaya take Allowance, and then I buy things that become necessary later I was in America and around the city.

At 8:15 PM I tibah in Singapore, wow ...! I am really surprised to see How Sopisticate The cahngi airport airport, Mr. Rashid, who in the airplane seat next to me said that Changih is the busiest and most advanced in the World.

I took in singapore for around the airport, I am very pleased that many materials can I make the news to be sent to the editorial, the newspaper where I did my work, I am actually very tired, but I do not want to let go of this opportunity.

At 3:00 AM, I decided to go to bed for a moment, because the aircraft must Fliht to Hong Kong at 5:00 AM, and today has the date June 27. Moments later, a knock at the door of my room, oh apparently they are friends of mine who join the program this SUSI, previously I have never met them. We then quickly close.

From Hong Kong and then we continued our trip to Chicago, in Chicago, I first saw about cicaco only in American movies, yes, the typical American, I say "The American Dreams Is Closer", I was really impressed with the city of Chicago, the city third-largest in America. I'm also very impressed with the good condition of the airport, services and infrastructure, I say extraordinary.

From Chicago we went to Saint Louis, State of Missouri, and then to Carbondale by using the campus bus for two hours. Our trip total world kelililng plus delaynya, about 32 hours, really tiring but Fun....!