Selasa, 13 Juli 2010

Do I look like a terrorist, Why I Got Secondary Inspection?

I am Chosen to represent Indonesia to the United States in 2010 SUSI Program. Our journey begins from the Indonesia-Singapore-Hong Kong-Chicago-St. Louis. very long because our calculations approximately 32 hours. Wow ....!!!

When we arrived in the city of Chicago, we then entered the counter for checking, so many people, I saw a variety of races from various countries in the world in this Place.

I entered the visitor's inspection lane, track visitor's examination for the people outside the U.S. citizens, whether they like me or educational purposes and for Vacation. Whereas for native Americans on the path Resident.

I then checked, I'm sure nothing will happen, much less guard costum also looks nice, but it really like that ....! The first question was who I am and where I come from the State. I then said I come from Indonesia.

Hearing the Indonesian word for his expression changed a bit, but I convince myself nothing happened. Because of the U.S. Embassy Indonesia convince me kalu second inspection would occur at random, let alone I have the official letter. But wait, it does not apply, I had to pass the Second Ikspection.

Indeed after the events of September 11,  Americans security are so strict, not only against foreign residents but also to the citizens of the United States alone, let alone who has the face of countries that are considered terrorist nests. I remember in the second expection, the faces that seemed to come from the Middle East, Russia and Indonesia.

I had time to shake very worried if it does not get in America, because they who knows me in trouble in pemerisaan this. Long enough time to finish, we were lucky to get away, it took four hours, and the result we missed the plane. United Airline fortunate we want to change their tickets.

Finally we continue the trip to St. Louis with a smaller plane.
At St. Louis we met our graduate students can interact with a very friendly, there is Joel and Selin, a citizen of Nigeria and Turkey who studied at Southern Illinois University (SIU). That will take us to the SIU, we menggunakn Bus Kamous we found many interesting things that night. and disnilah our story begins we will, to Reaching our American Dream ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .!!!!