Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

Gender Equality Issues Around The World

People around the world after the world war two very busy to spirit of equality and justice waged. Especially when this spirit of equality issues throughout the world is very very big. Terutam gender equality between men and women.

Yes, gender equality became a very dominant right now, after the second world war, all the women ask for a greater role as a man. Women do not want to dwell longer confined only in the bedroom, kitchen and home.

Gender equality has now been getting a lot of places in the world community. However, there are still some countries that think not important on this issue. Various forums and training in community will be made to realize the meaning of gender equality.

Gender equality is still a problem dibebarapa developing countries, especially in countries of Asia and Africa.

Demands of gender equality issues, especially related to opportunities for employment, berespresi, and getting an education.

For developed countries, gender issues are not the main problem again, the problem is in developing countries, even in developed countries are also still found in a variety of problems.

Recently conducted surveys in 22 countries and obtained very different results (reports new york times)