Senin, 01 Februari 2010

Can You Pull Off A Plaid Blazer?

The AM Take

articel from Askmen

This Isaia blazer is not your ordinary two-button sport coat. OK, so it does have two side flap pockets, a two-button closure and has your standard notch lapel, but Isaia jackets are different.

The reason rests with Gianluca Isaia. One of the few high-end menswear designers in Naples, Italy, Isaia learned his craft from his father, Enrico, and Uncle Corrado who started the company in 1957. Gianluca has brought the traditional handmade clothing line into the new century with a focus on greater size variations for the American market and allowing some of the items to be made by machine, which allows for lower prices.

However, the quality and steadfast eye for an Italian cut is still there. Look closely at this blazer and you’ll see the gentle scalloped hems in the front. In the rear you’ll find double vents or slits for a continental flair, all of which is constructed of the finest Italian wool voile. Voile simply denotes the lightweight nature of the wool and the intricacy of its weave, which is substantial considering the plaid pattern.


A measure of the distinctiveness that the garment lends its wearer score: 85 If you’re like many men, you are still reeling from the plaid lumberjack shirt look of last year that may make you shy away from this Isaia blazer. Plaid patterns, however, are quickly crossing over to more sophisticated menswear items where quality fabrics and craftsmanship transform the simple motif into a game-changing look.

Pairing this Isaia blazer with dark denim, or a chestnut-colored corduroy jean, and a crisp white dress shirt will transport you to the cobbled streets of Italy. Swapping the denim for gray wool plain-front trousers and a solid, purple-hued tie gets you through that special dinner (and beyond). The point here is that this plaid blazer adds texture, life and warmth to your look this winter. The key to pulling it off correctly is in your choice of accessories.


A measure of the garment's likely life span, in terms of both style and quality score: 90 Gianluca Isaia has used a Prince of Wales pattern that would make this blazer a core component in your wardrobe. And, yes, the price is high, but before you click past this piece consider an Isaia blazer an investment in yourself.

You could spend far less for substandard quality on a blazer with glued seams and poly-cotton blends; but, you’ll also be replacing said cheaper jacket far sooner. An Isaia blazer or suit is a lifelong purchase. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself glad to see the weather turn colder every now and then just so you can wear this blazer. This very notion alone is a testament to the quality still thriving in Naples under the careful eye of Gianluca Isaia.

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