Senin, 01 Februari 2010

How To: Wear Jeans To Work

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The AM Take

As the denim craze continues to thrive and “casual Friday” has become more of a five-day ritual at the office, it’s essential to find a pair of men's jeans that can be worn while out and about, but that are also acceptable when getting down to business at the office. With all of the different types of jean cuts, fits and finishes available, you’ll need to find a style of denim that works wonders with a pair of dress shoes, yet looks equally impressive with a set of casual kicks.

Banana Republic has managed to bridge that gap with its boot-cut, indigo-wash jeans. This dapper pair of denim can be dressed up or down, depending on the task at hand, with a versatile look that keeps it classic. Easy.


A measure of the distinctiveness that the garment lends its wearer score: 76 Although men’s jeans have been around for ages, certain cuts and finishes are timeless, regardless of changing fashion trends. Boot-cut is a classic style that evokes a certain type of refined look, projecting a sense of maturity, while allowing you to maintain a modern edge.

The Banana Republic Boot-Cut Indigo-Wash jeans sit just below the waist, with a semi-slim straight fit through the thigh and a wider leg opening that drapes just above your shoe. Made of 100% cotton, these jeans have a super-soft finish, resulting in a pair of pants that don’t quite feel like denim -- perfect for a long day at the office or while out on the town for an all-nighter.

Just switch up your style with a pair of loafers or brown shoes and these jeans will complement your casual attire; or, kick it into high gear with a snazzier set of dress shoes and a button-down for your next boardroom presentation. The dark indigo wash also goes great with just about any style of dress shirt, cardigan or casual tee. You definitely won’t go wrong with this versatile pair of jeans.


A measure of the garment's likely life span, in terms of both style and quality score: 85 The beauty about denim is that it’s usually built to last, sometimes even getting better over time. Banana Republic's boot-cut jeans keep this tradition alive with a rich indigo wash that keeps on looking great after a few spins in the washing machine. The soft cotton material also naturally seems to get softer over time, resulting in a pair of jeans that will feel more like a casual pair of khakis, rather than a stiff set of rigid denim.

The wider opening also allows you to mix and match different styles of shoes and boots with these jeans. Regardless if your shoes are slightly slimmer and lower profile, or you’re looking to pull off the rugged look while stomping around in a pair of badass boots, these jeans will do the trick. Bottom line, these moderately priced, boot-cut jeans by Banana Republic will have you looking like a class act, regardless if you’re dress code is cool and casual or strictly business.